moving into words

                         Essay of Desire: Writing Your Unknown Life/Future (55+)

                                               6 Wednesday mornings 9:30-11:20pm Sept 13 - Oct 18

                                                       Writing is about what we give weight to. Something we can hold in our hand/mind—a measure of who we are. Inside us waiting/weighting to come out. Taste of things to come. Any journey requires time and trust and insatiable appetite for pondering. Giving weight to what’s airy and wings to the imponderable.

Words produce us as much as we produce them. They have the power to thrust us on a journey outside the self we think of as “me” and back into the being we are. Writing can be the discovery of the invisible made tangible. We will learn about lyrical prose writing, aiming to produce a publishable piece.

Please note that enrolment in this course is reserved for adults 55+.

Registration now open. 

Essay of Desire: Writing Your Unknown Life/Future (55+)

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