tuesday mornings oct 2 - dec 4  10 tuesdays $300 @ studio lagoon in west end

                                       a group of dedicated writers have chosen to support their writing                                                                  in different genres through this series           we use breath and sound inspired by continuum                                        movement and prompts to stir words to the surface an open heart and deep                                                  trust in your desire to write. deep listening and supportive feedback has helped generate                                                  profound expression from poets lyric prose writers & memoirists alike 

                                                         open to all ages & experience. limited to 8 writers.


                                           2017 writing from the body: spring session 10am-1pm                                                                                                       tuesday 14 feb - 4 apr                                                                                                                           8 tuesdays $250 @ studio lagoon in west end

                                                      here's a short video of Emilie Conrad peace prayer
                                                              contact me for information or to register

2016 writing from the body: fall session begins tuesday 4 october

rocks illustrate diversity of earth's visceral body— aeons of external historical evidence. 

internally our bodies recapitulate evolution of all living species. (paraphrasing Emily Conrad, visionary & founder of continuum movement)

4 oct - 22 nov   10:00am-1:00pm               8 sessions $240 

lagoon studio, west end, vancouver

develop curiosity and re-engage with your writing through visceral experience. 

accessing fluid body through continuum movement practices, we ground ourselves with breath, sound into our watery cells and connect new synapses through being moved in unfamiliar ways. 

listen, write, give & receive feedback.

writing from the body  brings play into the act of writing—for serious writers! 

for more info & to register contact me


12 january - 8 march (no class 2 feb)         10:00am-1:00pm                           $200 

at lagoon studio in west end 10am-1pm

we ground ourselves with breath, sound into our watery cells and connect new synapses through being moved in new ways. our writing deepens and curiosity guides our pens.

we breathe, we listen, we write, we give & receive feedback.

writing from the body is serious work and play

for more info & to register contact me




 textured by time, water, weather and death

10 tuesday mornings 9:30-12:30

oct 6-15 dec                                                

@studio lagoon in the west end


this class offers the possibility of generating new writing material by using breath, sound and wave motion. the practice we follow is based on emily conrad's continuum movement. 

by diving deep into the sensations of the body, writing emerges onto the page in language that engages both writer and reader in textured and surprising ways.

in a small group of dedicated writers and good listeners, you'll have the opportunity to give and receive feedback and renew your joy in the act of writing.

for more info & to register contact me 


tuesday 20 jan - 24 march (10 weeks)
studio 2559

the provenance of words is one of the mysteries we swim in. as is the body. we swim here too. in writing from the body, by sounding and sending measured breaths into the dark intimacy of our inner space, the resonant field resounds. words come in and out.  one by one. respiration. from formlessness to form. inspiration. 

my understanding of the resource of our fluid system comes from the work of emily conrad and continuum movement: we do not move. we are movement. we recapitulate the whole evolutionary process of life.

many writers have found the weaving of continuum movement with the practice of writing enhances the fabric of words.

7 participants. 

space to listen and be heard in a 

supportive and creative group of writers.

for more info & to register contact me 

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