moving into words

                             there's a waiting list for this class—                                                     2021 writing from the body online sfu 55+                          4 wednesday mornings 10-12:30 february 10, 17, 24 & march 3 


             breath, sound and movement to transform your expression

         words our prerogative as human beings          contain worlds                          through writing        a profound discovery of  self                                                       communicating with others                                                          through breath          body with its 72 trillion cells                                creates words      moves    hand to inscribe on page or screen                                         body                our first order of experience                 our writing laboratory

         stimulation of brain heart  gut forges new ways of writing            what matters most to us

     invaluable support: Life on Land by Emilie Conrad                   Breathing The Page—reading the act of writing by Betsy Warland


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