welcome to moving into words in 2022!


       writing from the body is into its second decade & third year online.                   if you'd like to know more about this specific writing process, click here

                           lone trumpeter swan spotted from the seawall close to third beach in vancouver bc, canada 

welcome to spring writing classes!

   trouts online 10-class series: thurs15 april - 17 june 2021 

wftb online 10-class series: fri 16 april - 18 june 2021

for all classes please read honorable harvest

         fall series of wftb online starts friday september 18, 2020

                                               writing from the body online                                                                                                 18 september-26 november                                                  10am-12:30pm via zoom.us

         in the time of covid-19 and as an ideal principle consider                 honourable harvest & gifting 

               wftb is designed to nourish and sustain your creative juices                                the act of writing is an essential part of a writer's toolbox—see                        welcome!                   


                        imagination grows us as words take wing  

trouts online 10 thursdays 10am-12:30pm jan 21-march 25

contact me if interested to join us

writing from the body online  3 july-31 july  10am-12:30pm via zoom.us

                                                5 sessions $150 suggested

                           but in the time of covid-19 and as a principle

                                 consider honourable harvest & gifting 

               as the act of writing is an essential part of a writer's toolbox

                     wftb is designed to nourish and sustain your creative juices   


          in 5 friday morning classes this july we'll spend the 2½ hrs in the following ways—

                       with the breaths and soundings of continuum movement we dive for 20 minutes into our body's fluid system, invoking "spirallic" movement in our cellular tissue

                        as we ride the internal wave, our buoyant bodies                          give rise to expression

                        stimulated by prompts from poetry and prose, we write for 5 minutes and share our writing in the group 

                        each week "homeplay" provides a prompt for a longer piece of     writing (poetry or prose) which we share in breakout groups and receive creative feedback


                                      if this sounds the right environment

                                                 for your writing to flourish

                                                            please contact us 

writing from the body online  17 april-19 june  10am-12:30pm via zoom.us

                                           maximum 8 participants

                                        10 sessions $300 suggested

                       but in the time of covid-19 and as a principle

                                 consider honourable harvest & gifting 

                          as writing is an essential activity for writers

                     wftb intends to nourish and sustain your creative juices    


lost lagoon at night  vancouver bc

      writing from the body                              14 january - 10 march 2020                          10 tuesday mornings      10-1pm       $300  
from my journal 1977
writing's in-close      solitary

                                              reflection            response

                          a milieu to support  you

    writing from the body     


                                                explore inner space 


                                                                                  breath and         sound

                                   a safe space for writers to find their words

                                                                                                                                    contact me


writing from the body feb 19 - april 9

8 tuesday mornings 10-1   $250

to reserve a place $25 by feb 1

a work of art is good if it has arisen out of necessity…the creator must be a world for themselves and find everything in themselves & in Nature to which their whole life is devoted.

from rilke’s letters to a young poet


                                                     home  2018

writing from the body series:     tuesday mornings oct 2 - dec 4

slow down  let words rise up

10 weeks of sounding our depths & sharing our writing in a group of eight

earlybird $275   by september 17


writing from the body series:     
tuesday mornings apr 3 - may 22

trout lake seniors writing group   thurs mornings apr 12-may 31 

 Liquid Line: Writing Our Lives & Other Stories  6 Wednesday mornings  May 9-June 13



                                   summer walking & writing

                            below are writing courses starting in september  

as writer, educator & continuum 

movement practitioner, i provide a 

context for the writer in everyone to 

re-discover their way with words 



           these sessions take place at sfu downtown, trout lake community centre 
and at lagoon studio at my home in the west end, vancouver

continuum movement             
breath,  sound and resonance  invokes primordial
                                                movement which in turn cues authentic writing                                                                                                                   
this exploration and inquiry into body/mind reconnects 
us to the vibrant core creativity comes from

           contact me for more information


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