winter/spring  2015 courses  

fall  2014 courses   

  • wordplay sfu surrey 6 saturday mornings starts 1 november
  • memoir sfu downtown 6 saturday afternoons starts 13 september  
  • trout lake seniors creative collaborative workshop 10 wednesdays starts 24 september  
  • writing from the body on the eastside 10 tuesday mornings starts 30 september  


as writer, educator & continuum 

movement practitioner, i provide a 

context for the writer in everyone to 

re-discover their way with words                                                                                               

here you can find
studio 2559  
east side vancouver bc canada 
continuum movement             
breath  sound  and resonance invokes primordial
movement which in turn cues authentic writing                                                                                                                   
this exploration and inquiry into body/mind reconnects 
us to the vibrant core creativity comes from

contact me for more information


café lomi in paris 18eme. i leave this oasis to stumble across a line-up of police vans and the crs in full riot gear. it's the saturday of pro-palestine demonstrations. une manifestation interdite the riot police tell me. the middle east conundrum is a tit-for-tat lodged in each individual heart. 

when will we put away childish things? 


kati horna's photographs at the jeu de paume inspire a collage as i take a breather from writing. a classic paris postcard of l'opera from a left bank kiosk becomes a portal into the paris i see

paris roars along its broad boulevards a 20 minute metro ride from malakoff where i write and look out now and again onto andré's courtyard

when will we undertake to live by these          principles?

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