moving into words


i provide a space for many experienced and would-be writers that encourages and challenges and stimulates their ability and imagination. here's what some of them say about their experience. 

Fifteen or twenty disparate strangers come together and six weeks later are friends who've discovered quite a lot about each other and are happy to be together.  And all because of your experience, skill and enthusiasm.  I, for one, learned exactly what I needed to know and am very grateful.  Thank you so much.   

Joan Lyndon (Presence of Memory: Making Sense of Your Life, Fall 2015) 

celebrating creative collaborative workshops @ the roundhouse, summer 2014

Ingrid's enthusiasm for the power of word invites us to explore new ground in a safe and playful environment.  I relish her homeplay assignments which roll around in my head and demand attention all week, an intensely enlivening experience.  Most important: she believes in us and responds to us not just as emerging writers but as fellow writers supporting each other to reach our personal best. She is a master teacher integrating love of literature with body wisdom inviting us to know ourselves better as we follow where our pens lead.  

Barbara Macleod (Trout Lake Senior's Creative Collaborative Workshops 2014) 

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