moving into words

thanks to my dad i grew up with a lens on society's ills

            knew in my bones competition a lie—

                                                                        competition didn’t improve the human race

     competition blessed the way for the few                  to trample on most


now we’re here—

                                    the only race                           the human race

the race to be             fastest             biggest            best     richest            most powerful 



                                                                                                all our frantics fly in our face



                                                            what to do?


                           get down                                                      on my knees

                                                            on mother earth        i’ve trampled too

                                  down                  on my knees 


                        i white i black i brown i red i café au lait i yellow i beige ALL

                                                                                                                        green behind the ears                                  


                        this earth experiment in a universe so vast

                                                                                                i’ll never know

                                    or corner


                                                            has cornered me


                        lashed             concentrated              tried                hanged 




                                                                        to the core



                        down to the core

                        of me of us


                        the we of us 

                        the our of us


                        this our hour to say NO 

                        to hate 

                        to murder 

                        to theft 

                        to lies 

                        to usurped power


                        i refuse

                        an artificially created economic political social &     cultural system

                        shape our lives



                                                  on my knees i apologise  ask forgiveness  

teach me                                   how to right the wrongs fill my heart with      love                                            give back to those who’ve been taken from

                                                      ingredrose saturday june 6 2020


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